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Initiative, challenges of technology

photography in another dimension…

Prolab develops and promotes the initiative in technology challenges, guarantees consistency and aims for the optimal result, after the photographer’s click.

The Company

We cover all the needs of the modern photographer

PROLAB with long experience in printing, is a specialised partner of the modern image professional. Our company, based in Thessaloniki, is today a one-stop shop for professionals throughout Greece. Having set the goal of excellent quality combined with competitive support, we offer a complete range of services and products that cover all the needs of the modern photographer. Prolab envision and implement any task related to the printing and presentation of photography.

PROLAB in its current form, with the possibilities of modern technology, is the combination of long experience and know-how. The studio facilities consist of specially designed spaces, which are equipped with the latest machineries and with constantly upgraded software. Each production stage begins and ends exclusively at Prolab's facilities. Avoiding the fragmentation of the workflow, we save significant resources, but most of all we contribute to the creation of an impeccable final result.


Products And Services

Contact for information, samples and promotional material.

PROLAB offers small and large scale photo printing, digital album making, photo editing, finishing and a range of retail products.

Our competitive prices, the use of ftp service, the support in matters of colour management and calibration, deliveries with frequent routes and many other auxiliary services, makes PROLAB a key partner of the professional photographer.


Our Purpose

With a firm policy of respect for the customer, PROLAB's philosophy lies in quality.

Our purpose is to create and offer high quality, premium products and offer to our customers a gratifying experience working with us. ProLab develops and promotes the initiative in technology challenges, guarantees consistency and aims for the optimal result.

Our People

Our people are the driving force behind what we do, what we are and what we aspire to be.

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