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Initiative, challenges of technology

Photo in another dimension ...

The ProLab develops and promotes the initiative to ensure the challenges of technology that are consistent and aim at the highest possible result, after the jump.

The enterprise

We cover all the needs of today's photographer

Prolab are the experienced  and professional partner of the modern professional image.Our company located in Thessaloniki is now a one-stop shop for industry professionals throughout Greece. After the goal is set to offer quality combined with competitive service, we offer integrated services and products that meet all demands of today's photographers. Prolab is one of the few companies in the industry that can be consideredin order to implement the project of printing and presentation of photography. 

Prolab in its current form is the combination of years of experience and know-how with the possibilities of modern technology. The lab facilities consist of specially designated areas, which are equipped with te most modern machinery and continuously upgradeable software. Each production phase begins and ends only at the premises of Prolab. Avoid disruption of the workflow saves considerable resources, but above all it contributes decisively to the creation of a solid bottom line.


Goods And Services

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The Prolab offers photo printing in small and large dimensions, producing digital album, photo processing, refining and a number of retail products. Combined with competitive prices, sending files via FTP, service issues color management and calibration, the deliveries with frequent service with engine and car, as well as many other auxiliary services, ask the lab Prolab reason professional photographers partners.

Our Philosophy

Our Employees

Our employees are the driving force in everything we do, everything we are today and what we want to be.
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